The mission of QuranTutorz is to provide Quran Tutors and publicize the reading and learning of Quran. There are a lot of countries where people are unable to find Islamic centers from where they can get the teachings of Quran and Hadith. We started this mission in order to solve the problem of these brothers and sisters; who want to learn about Islam, but they are not able to fulfill their desire because of the unavailability of resources. We hope to provide you with the best Quran teachers who can help you in not only reading but also in learning this Holy Book.

The Quran guides us about what life actually is and what is the purpose of a person in coming to this world. The sole purpose is to worship Allah and do good deeds with the mankind. Allah has created all the things in this universe and has control over each particle present here. Everything goes in this world is all because of the will of God. Therefore, it is important to us to listen what Allah is saying and what he wants us to do. This can only be done if you get a good Mentor of Quran who can make you learn this book and read it; understand its meaning and put it into action.

Everyone in this world does not have Arabic as the first language. Certain people don’t even take this as the second language. Therefore for the people who do not know Arabic, it is important to have a Quran Tutor who can teach them Arabic Language in order to make them capable enough so that they can read the Holy Book. It is written in Arabic Language and then translated into a lot of different languages. It is important to us not only to read it word by word in Arabic but also know about what is written in this book.