There are a lot of Muslims that are living in this world. But, unfortunately, the practical Muslims are decreasing in number day by day. As the world is moving towards the development and new things are being introduced on the regular basis. Muslims have left the teaching of Quran, Sunnah and Ahadith in order to participate in these worldly competitions. This is because we are no more paying attention to Quran learning. Quran is our key to success as it tells us how we are meant to live our lives in this world. Therefore, people must do the Quran reading even if they have to go for online Quran reading they should do it.

The Muslims are scattered and they are living in different parts of this World. There are a lot of different places from where Muslims are participating in the activities of regular life. Some of these places have Islamic people in the majority while in other places, they are in minorities. Therefore, establishing an Islamic center and making the teachings of Quran and Sunnah common are hard practices. Thus, people do not get the right teachers for their child who can make them recite Quran. They can opt for the online Quran recitation as we are here to help you in knowing about the teachings of our Holy Book.

The Quran teaches a person a lot. Starting from the things which can help him or her in having success in the deeds which will be rewarded highly on the judgment day and which will help a person in making his way to Jannah all are written here. Just a little light is needed in order to get the knowledge of this Book and that light can be putted on by the Huffaz and Qaris we have in our faculty. If you want to be a practical Muslim, you must have the information about what things Quran have said for a Muslim and what the good deeds a person can perform are. No one will put a finger on your online Quran learning because although you are doing it online but you are trying to absorb what is inside this Book.

The Quran is our Holy Book. Islam was started by “Surah Alaq” as the first verses revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) were from this Surah. From there onwards, the revelation process started which lasted for 23 years long. In these years, Muslims suffered from different problems and a lot of people questioned about Allah the Almighty and its existence. All the things were answered in Holy Quran. Thus, we provide you with online Quran teaching so that you can know all these things and you can learn from it.

The online Quran reading is nothing you should be afraid of. It is simply a practice as the technology is used for the purpose of making the teachings of Islam common. We daily utilize modern things for our help so if we are doing something for our religion by using the technology, no one must put questions on it. There is nothing wrong with taking online classes of Quran and you must not feel any hesitation in doing so.