The Islam has given huge importance to Quran. It is the Holy Book of Muslims. Basically, the Quran was revealed on out Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon him) to guide him to Islam and to tell him about what the God wants from his People. Therefore, learning Quran is highly important for a Muslim. There are a lot of areas in this world where Muslim population is not too much thus finding good Islamic centers become a problem. We have established this online platform so that you can get to learn online Quran. We are trying to make the teachings of Quran available to the people in different areas where qualified teachers of Quran are not present.

The Quran guides us about the ways according to which we have to live our daily life. We are getting a lot of things from Quran. There are certain sources in Islam which are used in order to make laws. The laws in Quran about different things are defined by God the Great as the words of Quran are the Words of Allah. Therefore, you must study this Holy Book. You can study online Quran by the help of the qualified teachers we have. These teachers have proved that they have got the ability of making a student learn about Quran and they can help someone in reading the Book as well as understanding what is written inside this book.

The Quran guides about what is right and what is wrong to a Muslim. As we are related to Islam therefore we must have the knowledge of things prohibited in Islam along with the things that we are allowed to do. Certain things a Muslim is not permitted to eat and those come in the category of Haram while others are mentioned as Halal. If we read online Quran, we will get to know about these things as per described by Allah the Almighty.

A Muslim has allowed performing some deeds while other are considered as deeds that are prohibited in Islam and a Muslim must not do those deeds. The actions taken by a person are categorized differently. Each has a different reward and these will contribute to our place in Jannah. When we master Quran online, we will be coming across the verses of this book which carries information about the things listed above. This will highly motivate us to do good deeds and as the punishment of evil deeds is also described in this book, we will restrain ourselves from doing that.

Therefore, in all the cases, it is highly recommended for any Muslim that he or she must gain the knowledge of this book. You learn Quran online or you do it by other means, you have to acquire the information listed in this Book. We have teachers that are specialized in teaching Quran and can aid the learning of your Child in concern with Islam and the Quran. The progress report will be given in order to make parents aware of the performance of the child.