What is OnlineTutorz.com?

OnlineTutorz.com is a platform for people where they can make their child learn Holy Quran. We have putted on this site to make the online learning of Quran, as well as Ahadith possible. Through this website, your child will get a proper Quran Tutor who will make your kid learn about reading Quran. We have a lot of different courses starting from the learning the basics to memorizing the Holy Quran and knowing Quran along with Tafseer and Translation. There are areas where it is impossible to people to get a teacher who can teach Islam to their child. We hope that we fulfill this gap by giving people Scholars, Huffaz and Qaris online who can help their child in knowing about the religion Islam and its teachings. We have to make a kid know our religion so that he or she can live rest of the life according to it. For that sake, we should take steps and make him or her learn the Holy Book and its teachings.

What is OnlineTutorz.com?

Quran is considered as the primary source of law in Islam. It is based on the words of God and if we want to know what our religion is all about we must know about what is listed in Quran. God has given us some directions according to which we have to live our lives. Quran is a guide to living in this world. It is a complete code of conduct for a Muslim according to which he or she must live the life. The good and bad deeds are mentioned in Quran. It tells us that being a Muslim what is right to us and what is wrong to us. It helps us in differentiating between Evil and good. Therefore, we must learn Quran in order to know what Allah Almighty has said us to do. In order to go to Jannah, we must walk in the ways described by the Quran.

What is the Benefit of simple Recitation of Holy Quran?

Although the memorizing of Holy Quran is a highly rewarded deed and Allah has promised to give a high value to Huffaz on judgment day. For the ones who do the simple reading of Quran, there is still a very high reward. For a single alphabet of holy Quran we read, the ten virtues are recorded. Just imagine if we daily read the Holy Book for only 5 to 10 minutes, how many virtues we can get. The sins of a person are also subsided by reading the Quran. There are countless benefits of it and some of them are listed above. On the day of Judgment, the reading of Quran can make our side of good deeds heavier in the balance of good versus bad. By this, we can achieve Jannah for us which is the sole purpose of a man who comes to this world.

Why you must prefer QuranTutorz?

At QuratTutorz, the technology is utilized in best way in order to instruct the reading and learning of Quran. You will get to receive the instructions from the Quran tutors who will leave no stone unturned in aiding you. There are a lot of different courses offered to you at QuranTutorz so that you can undertake anyone you like and anyone that fulfills your needs. You can learn the basics of Quran; you can also memorize it under the supervision of our great teachers who are Huffaz, Qaris and Scholars of Islam. The knowledge of Quran is also given to people from this platform. You get to know about the tafseer and translation of this Holy Book which leads to a better understanding of it and you can absorb teachings of it in a better way. We have also allowed trial classes so that you can judge us either we are good enough to teach or not.

What are the things which I will be in need of in order to connect with QuranTutorz?

The QuranTutorz have tried to keep things simple and easy. We try to make the learning of Quran as easy for you as possible. In order to connect with us and learn about the religion and Holy Book, you will be in need of a computer or a Laptop. You will also have to acquire speakers of headphone so that you can clearly and carefully listen to the instructions of the tutors. Furthermore, a micro phone is also required in order to enable you to talk with the teachers sitting at the other end. An internet connection is must so that you can use the online platform. Meeting software such as Skype is also necessary in order to have a visual contact with the tutor.

What is the Start age of learning Quran and How long It takes to complete it?

The age at which you must make your child starts the learning process of Quran is 4 years. Like you take this age as the appropriate age to put your child in school so that he can make progress in world studies, this is the appropriate age to make him or her learn Quran as well. Therefore, when your kid reaches the age of 4 years you must start looking for the Quran Tutors who can teach them the basics of Quran and who can make them learn Quran. Normally, students take about one year to complete the reading of Quran and within one year they read all 30 Paras. However, for students who are slow, it takes a bit longer than the usual time of one year. For the ones who are bright, it can be completed within 8 to 10 months. So the completion time depends on the capability of students.

Can student memorize Quran with QuranTutors?

There are a lot of people who ask the question that can a student memorize whole Quran by heart when he or she is learning using online platforms. The answer is positive. A student can always use the QuranTutorz in order to memorize the Holy Book completely. We have given two choices in this category. One is that you select certain Surahs which you like to memorize and you memorize it by heart. The second one is that you are determined to become a Hafiz-e-Quran and for that you are looking to memorize it completely. There are great rewards for Huffaz and they will have a special place on the Day of Judgment. Their seven generations will be putted into heavens! So if anyone is thinking about memorizing it, we can help you and we really appreciate your thoughts.

How will the classes of Tutoring take Place?

The tutoring classes will be given to the student through software such as skype where the tutors and students can have visual as well as vocal contact. These are the best ways of communication online. Both student and teacher know each other and in one on one class the attention given to the student is also greater. The screen sharing will also take place and students will get to know about their lessons and what they will have to do their homework. The best thing about all this is that you are provided the classes at your home. You do not have to go anywhere in order to take the classes. Instead, you simply have to turn on your computer and login to an account to take the class.

Do you only teach Quran? If anything else then what is it?

We have not restricted ourselves only to the teaching of Quran. Quran is an important part of Islam as the Islam was started when the first verses of Quran came. The Ahadith is also an important part of Islam and we teach people Ahadith as well. We have a complete course of learning Ahadith and we put in all our efforts to make your child learn about the sayings of our Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him). The Arabic language is also taught beside Quran and Ahadith. Arabic is the language in which Quran was revealed. This is the Language which was used by God to send His words to our Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Therefore, it is good to get the knowledge of this language. Furthermore, we also provide the basic teaching of Urdu language which is spoken and understood by over 104 million people in the world.

What if I do not know how to register and how to use the internet to take Online Classes?

The registration process is carried out all on the page of registration. You have to fill out a form and register for our services. We will contact you back and we will decide the things with you. If you are going to a trial version still you will be in need of filling the form. In case that you do not know how to utilize the software and take online classes on the internet, you can ask our support to help you. The support will always be there for you no matter what happens and will serve as your guide to tell you about what you have to do if you are stuck with a problem. You can get the whole information about registration and online classes from our support.