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Welcome everyone to the QuranTutorz, a place where you will get to learn Quran. There are a lot of people who want to learn Quran with Tajweed, but they are not able to get the right Quran instructor for them. At Quran Tutors, you will be able to find a Quran Tutor who will help you in learning how to recite Quran in a beautiful and heartwarming way. Furthermore, the Hadith classes will also be held and you will get to learn a lot about Islam.

The Quran is Holy book of Muslims and it has a very high place in Islam. The Lord Himself has taken the responsibility of guarding this book against the evils and if He is protecting something surely that worth a lot. The Quran teaches us the way of living and it tells us everything we need to know about Islam. If you get a Quran educator who has the knowledge of this book, he will not only teach you the way you will be pronouncing this book but will also tell you what is the meaning of the words.

At QuranTutorz, you can learn from anywhere in the world. No matter from which country you are we will teach you the Holy book. The teachers will be available to you 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so you can take classes anytime you want. We believe in one on one teaching as this is a highly effective way of teaching and a student gets greater attention from the mentor. The Quran preceptor will be bound to teach the student and give the report of its performance. As a parent, you can ask us about your child’s progress any time you want.

You may be at a place where there are not too many Islamic centers and at these kinds of places learning of Quran becomes an issue. We hope to solve this problem by providing you with the teaching classes of Quran online. All you need is a computer and an internet connection in order to study from us. We have qualified Quran teachers who have proved themselves in this field and have already taught this book to a lot of people. If you think that you will not be able to get the desired outcomes, you can take our trial version. This is the best way for you to evaluate our performance and how we will be working with you. Moreover, the testimonials are also placed at our sites and what people think about our services.

Being a Muslim, we must pay attention to our Holy book and its learning. QuranTutorz aims to spread the teachings of Quran and for that we provide people with the Quran Tutors who help students in reading and learning this Holy Book.

Benefits of Read Quran Online
Quran is the Holy Book of Muslims and the last ever Book who is sent down by God to the people of earth from heavens. This book contains words from God and is not very easy to understand. You need a Quran Tutor in order to understand this book completely. It will take a lot of hard work as well as dedication from the tutor as well as from the child who is learning in order to absorb all things told in this book. These are the teaching which every Muslim should acquire and can only be done by reading the Holy Book. Quran Education is not only restricted to reading of it. You can do a lot of things in concern with it. You can learn how to do the proper recitation of Quran along with the Tajweed. Use the proper accent and do the right pronunciation of it. If someone becomes able to recite it with Tajweed, the words of it penetrate deep in the heart of listeners. You can also have the Quran Translation so that you can understand its teachings properly and that can only be done if you have a proper Quran teacher who him or herself has complete knowledge of the Book. At QuranTutorz, anyone can learn from any place 24 hours and 7 days. There is no restriction for you can you can get the class anytime you want to get it. Furthermore, the location is also not restricted and you can get the teachings anywhere across the globe. The Quran Tutor will communicate you when you are sitting at home so there is no need of going out and searching for someone who can teach you and make you learn. If you put your child with us, you will also be told about the progress which your child is making.
Why Kids Quran Reading?
This is a question a lot of people ask that why make a kid read Quran when a kid do not have enough mind to absorb things. Well, as a kid, it is a lot easy to learn. You will see that the things you are telling your child in his early age is what he or she will do in the latter part of his or her life. Therefore, as a Muslim, we must have a Quran Tutor for our lads who can teach them the Book. This is because when you will make them read and learn Quran from an early age, there are better chances that they will live their lives according to the book. The base of a kid plays an important role in the future life. Thus, if you make the base of your child Islamic from starting times by making him or her learn Quran, there are better chances of them being good Muslims for the rest of their lives. We have faculty members who are trained Quran teachers and have the ability to teach kids. There are both male as well as female teachers for your child who can tell them about Quran, make them read Quran and make them learn it. The faculty includes Qaris, Aalims, highly qualified Scholars and Hafiz-e-Quran who have memorized the Holy Book by heart. With these people, surely your child will get something good to learn about Islam. They are not only qualified, but they are also experienced persons who have been working as the Quran Tutors from some time. They know how to tackle with child of different age and they know by what ways they can teach the Quran to your kid vigilantly. So with us, your kid can learn a lot of things and his base can be made as complete Islamic child.

Learn Online Quran At Your Home

Welcome To Quran Tutorz

One on One Classes

QuranTutorz will make your child have one on one class with the Quran Tutor. In this way, your child will get more attention and can have more effective learning. In this way, the teacher also comes to know about the caliber of the student and teaches him or her according to their capability. Furthermore, your child can learn better and more in less time through the one on one classes.

Female Quran Tutors

For female students, we are having the female Quran Tutors that can teach them. According to the principles of Islam, females must be taught by females while the males should be dealing with the males. Keeping the teachings of Islam as well as your needs in view, we have also placed woman teachers who will be there to teach your child. We assure that they will leave no stone unturned in giving your child best teachings.

24/7 Timings (Flexible Timings)

We are the global teachers and as we mentioned that no matter from which part of the world you are, our Quran Tutors will teach you. People from different places have different timings and we have established such a schedule with our faculty members that the teachers are available 24 hours 7 days. You can get the class for your kid any time you want (according to your own needs and your own schedule).

Device Convenience

You can learn from your home by using any device (smartphone, laptop or computer). Use these devices at your home and learn from your home. This will be highly comfortable for you because all you need is a device on which you can run communication software, an output device to hear instructions and an input device to send your words. For a visual contact, you may need a camera as well.

Time Punctuality

To make a student learn, both the students, as well as the teacher, have to be punctual and regular. While we are setting our timings with you, we are promising that a Quran Tutor for your child will be available at this moment. We keep our promises well and we will make it sure that the teachers are never late. This will avoid the time wasting and will be highly helpful in developing a healthy environment for teacher and student.

Online support

There are a lot of people who want to talk over different matters. For that, we are having our Online Support that will be always there for you. In order to guide you over through issues, we have putted on a team of qualified people who are well aware of our mission and who can guide you about what you are heading towards.

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What Parents and Students Say About Us

“The QuranTutorz are the best support for a Muslim at a place where you are not able to find good Islamic Centers.”

“The best thing about OnlineTutorz is that they never get late from their timings neither they refuse to respond to any of our questions.”

“OnlineTutorz solve the problem of having a good Quran Tutor for child all across the world. They are having best faculty of Quran teachers who does this job quite well.”

“OnlineTutorz are doing a great job by teaching Quran. They tutors are committed and dedicated and are doing a great job.”